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Please refer to the following contents before inquiries * Updating from time to time

"iCatch Online" is a browser game that manipulates actual crane games online. Please download and enjoy the application from the smartphone.

How do I register?

You can register according to the guidance from "Point registration by new registration" on the TOP page using your e-mail address. E-mail address will be used for inquiries exchange. Sorry for your inconvenience but please allow "@" at domain receive setting.。
In addition, in principle, one account is set as one account and the possession of multiple accounts is prohibited.

 I can not register.

    We are setting a limit on registration of disposable e-mail address.
If it is not a disposable e-mail address, it may be rejected in the domain reception setting or it may be already registered address.
If these do not apply, please contact us from the following inquiry form.

    I can not log out.

 I have set a logout button on my page.
Please use this.

 How much is the play point?

 One play can play from 100iCP (equivalent to approximately 100 yen).
In addition, since there are various playbenches, please see variously.

  What is a ticket?

  ・ You can play the crane game once with one ticket.
・ Tickets have an expiration date. Deadline depends on the ticket
・ Please check the number of tickets you have and the expiration date from "Tickets" in the menu.
・ Tickets that have expired will be deleted automatically.
・ You can requeste for delivery prizes that you won with tickets if there is a payment history of 1,000 yen or more within the past 31 days.
・ Some prizes are not eligible for tickets
・ Tickets are handouts and will not be returned in any case. Please wait for the next distribution

 How to play this?

 Please choose your favorite prize from among many prizes.
『Press 'lined up' to start the game. "Horizontal" button → "Vertical" button aim at prizes. It is acquisition when the prize falls in the get zone. (There are various other ways to play.)

During reservation, during play, it became a condition not assumed after winning.

 Please refer to the following as each.

・ If you move to another screen during reservation or close the screen, the reservation will be canceled.

· After moving to another screen, or closing the screen, you can not return to the game again. (Since iCP is also consumed, please wait until the time over screen is displayed without pushing Yoko · button if you would like to return the point.

· If the previous player gets a prize on the table under reservation, temporary maintenance will be in progress and the reservation will be canceled.
· If the store clerk makes emergency maintenance status due to some trouble, the reservation for that unit will be forcibly canceled. (An alert comes out)

 When will the prize reach?

 The gained prize is packed sequentially, packed with necessary information such as addressee address etc by AM 5:00, shipped in one corrugated cardboard box in case of multiple registration, shipping processing is done. (Regarding shipping for Sundays and Public Holidays, please register the necessary information by PM 11: 59 the previous day.)
Regarding shipping processing, since we have issued a shipping number at the time of shipping voucher's shipping slip sequentially after packing here, check the shipping number from the delivery number to see where the shipment is currently located you can receive it.
Delivery number for each baggage, My page at the bottom of the page On this page you will see the premium shipping confirmation button, so the premium shipping history will be displayed so you can push the link whose shipping status has been shipped It is possible to confirm with.
(If there is an error in your name, address, phone number, delivery will be difficult.)
If you have entered earlier from "MY PAGE" PROFILE UPDATE "button, you do not have to enter each time and you can do it easily.
In the unlikely event that you enter the shipping address incorrectly, you can enter again, so please contact us from the inquiry form.
In case of unknown address we will keep the prize at our company. (The storage period will be up to 14 days from the acquisition date.)
In addition, when you register and distribute several prizes to the same address, please use collective input. Items marked on the check box on the left can be delivered and registered at the same address.

 Although the prize fell, the acquisition screen was not on.

Sometimes the acquisition screen does not come out when the sensor that detects prize acquisition does not work in rare cases.
Please be assured we have saved photos in the booth at the beginning and end of the game as evidence.
If it is not readily displayed in the acquisition list, please inform us from the following inquiry form just in case.
If it was subsequently displayed on the acquisition list, please enter your shipping address information from MY PAGE.

 I can not play continuously, the operation is strange.

First of all, please note that buttons used for games are different from other sites.
Please be sure to press the "PLAY" button only once. Continuous play is displayed in the center of the screen, please select "OK" from Continue and continue.
If you hit "PLAY" button repeatedly, please stop absolutely because Continue will be canceled and you will not be able to make reservations even with other units.
In addition, please inform us from the following inquiry form when continuous play could not be done due to communication error etc.

 I forgot the acquired goods.

 MY PAGE ⇒ DELIVERY ⇒ Shipment status confirmation (waiting for confirmation) ⇒ If you advance with the premium shipping history details, please confirm that the front camera image at the time of prize acquisition is displayed.

 I forgot how many points I used.

You can confirm from POINT HISTORY of MY PAGE. You can check point recharging, point consumption during play, point giving, point return in case of time over error.

 I do not feel like winning prizes.

As much advice as possible, we will reply from the following inquiries.
I think that seeing the acquisition of other players is the most useful.

 I want you to reposition it so that it can be taken absolutely.

To put it where you can get it in a few times, it will be unfair and we will not respond.
However, if it can be determined that it was not clearly visible or if it was judged that it was turned in this case, it is possible to correct the position a little.
In that case, please contact us from the bottom of this page.
In addition, please let us know from the bottom the request for refilling ping-pong balls as soon as possible.

I can not play well, I can not see the camera, I can not switch.

 Please check the recommended operating PC and browser version and setting below.
If our system automatically determines that the camera will not be displayed, it automatically restarts every 15 minutes and adjusts it to reflect.
However, as long as play is not done at all, please ask the camera restart when playing. As soon as the camera is restored, we will restart from the final play state.

Temporarily the screen turns black, the image stops, or "Connection is broken".

The cause of these symptoms mainly occurs temporarily when the Internet becomes unstable. However, this is when the customer's Internet connection becomes unstable.
If you get out many times "Connection is broken", try restarting the browser once.
When our server side becomes unstable, the situation is such that the game is not established as a whole, and in that case, emergency maintenance information will be described in the notice field, so in other cases, Please be aware of the environmental problem of.
In particular, it is likely to occur in a Wi - Fi environment, so we recommend that you connect wired over 100 M as much as possible.
As other factors, it may happen depending on your security software, PC, network settings, but in that case there is a risk that another problem may occur in the PC if security is cut off. In order to be unable to support, those who asked each of the application dealers and experts are highly likely to resolve.

The image moves crisp, frame dropping occurs.

Currently, we are keeping actual enclosure Please relieve so we can provide the administrative secretariat's line with sufficient margin.
If this phenomenon happens immediately after playing the game, it is possible that the line speed of the customer being played is slow, or the connection from a remote place such as overseas is caused.
I would be pleased if you could play in a time slot when the line is not crowded. If the phenomenon does not fit, please contact us from the inquiry form.
In addition, if you continue to open the playing screen for a long time, there is a memory shortage on the PC side, and there is a case where a delay similarly occurs.
Click here to clear the open tab of the browser after launching the site in favorite and almost cancel it by launching from the favorite again, so please try once in 30 minutes.

  I could have got prizes a little more, but iCP has gone.

 Because there is a continuity function, the possibility that you can acquire becomes high because the user with more iCP can try the number of times of play.
Please acknowledge that iCP charge will be charged in advance according to the degree of popularity of the prize you choose.

   About iCP charge and inquiries on playing.

When playing iCP charge · inquiries, there is a grace of 90 seconds for one play (some exceptions will be), so we will move to the charge screen after starting playing.
Play end ⇒ Continue to play ⇒ Yes ⇒ Play start (About 90 seconds before time over) ⇒ Charge page opening ⇒ Charge ⇒ Return to play screen (In the case of Android application, Select the application in the middle and it will become the flow of the return).
Start playing and charge without doing it. Simultaneously opening and opening the playing screen and the charge screen at the same time. At this time, it will not return to the top screen etc. Once you leave the booth, the right of play will be transferred to other customers.
In this case, if you run out of 90 seconds, please make another more play context and make another 90 seconds of grace. We will return the points although there is a premise that we will inquire about the minutes that have become time over. The method of inquiries during play is also the same.
In addition, our recommendation is the play with the point charged with the margin. Please understand that it may be impossible to restart from the state of the final play when the right of play has shifted due to an operation mistake or the like.

  I want you to change the type of acquired prize.

 Please contact us from the inquiry form before acquisition, such as before playing or playing. We do not exchange prizes after acquisition.

Point charge on Google Play is not reflected.

There is a possibility that a point granting error occurred after Google Play settlement.
We are very sorry, please contact us from the inquiry form because the number "GPA - ○○○ ○○○" is stated in the e-mail when carrying out Google Play settlement.

 I want to designate the arrival date of acquired prize · I want to keep business office · No invoice required.

When entering the shipping information of the prize, please input "designation date" or "office stop" or "invoice not required" first in the field for entering your name.
 Example Surname: 2018/03/05 Morning arrival iCatch
   Name: ONLINE

 I want to cancel.

Sorry to trouble you, but please attach the reason for withdrawal request, please contact us from the inquiry form.

I want to stop mail magazine delivery.

 Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us from the inquiry form.

I want to change registered e-mail address.

Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us from the inquiry form.

«Operating PC»

Windows 7 or later
InternetExplorer version 11 or later Edge version 40.15063.674.0 or later
Firefox version version 56.0.2 or later Chrome version version 62.0.3202.75 or more

MacOS X or later
Safari version 8 or higher Version 56.0.2 or higher Chrome version 62.0.3202.75 or higher

Use of optical link at 100 Mbps or higher, recommended for wired connections and use at times when customer's line is not crowded

Depending on your security software, PC, network settings, the picture may not be displayed with the PLAY screen remaining black.
(Most people are in a situation that can be seen.Support for security software, PC, OS, network settings can not be done by us, so please contact us for each window)

If you have not resolved in the above circumstances or environment, please contact theTerms of ServicePoints of Use TermsPrivacy Policyplease contact us below.
Since the content sent from the form is reproduced on the spot by voice, please write the contents of the series, premium name, request content as much as possible with punctuation marks on one line. In addition, returning points (iCP) at the time of troubles can be handled on a case-by-case basis, but refunds and other inquiries contrary to terms of use may not be answered.
(Please contact the settlement company that we are emailing about charging) so please be aware of the expression.
Terms of ServicePoints Terms of Serviceprivacy policyand be sure to agree with the content and click on the confirmation.